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The social care of elderly and disabled people is a broad research field for application and implementation of innovative projects and research initiatives aiming at the improvement of the quality of life for these people, and the creation of all the appropriate conditions that will allow them the maximum degree of autonomy and active participation in society.

Frontida, as a private research organization providing primary care at home, has the ability to analyze and contribute through its network of beneficiaries, in issues related to the reporting and assessment of the needs and requirements of the elderly and disabled people, and to the test and validation of the methodology of the proposed new solutions, whether it comes for technological applications with high added value, or sociological analysis and recommendations.

For this purpose, our company cooperates with leading research institutes and universities in Greece and Europe and with similar innovative companies in various research programs based on the following themes:

  • Research on the development and the prospects of providing social care in line with the needs and requirements of the beneficiaries and in accordance with the prevailing social trends,
  • Research and evaluation of technological systems for assisted living and e-health in order to achieve the best possible quality of life for beneficiaries,
  • Research on important medical issues affecting autonomy and quality of life of the elderly, such as dementia, chronic illnesses, psychological and mental disorders,
  • Research on the factors that shape social policies concerning social inclusion and fight against discrimination and prejudices,
  • Participation in educational and information programs to disseminate information, awareness and training for volunteers, family members, formal and informal caregivers.

The company disposes scientists in the fields of sociology, psychology and telematics as well as nurses and social workers, and combines the direct care with the research process and the continuous effort to improve the living conditions the beneficiaries.

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