Programme «Home care for pensioners»

Municipalities of Patras & Aegialia.

Frontida Zois, as a pioneer in home care services, is a contractor of EFKA (Greek public insurance agency) since 2013 (under contract no. 4660/20-13.02.2013) for the program “Home care for Pensioners” in the Municipalities of Patras and Aegialia.

The main purpose of the program is to secure independent living conditions for the elderly and disabled pensioners in their homes, with a comprehensive range of services.

Beneficiaries of the program are pensioners due to old age, disability of main insurance bodies under the responsibility of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, NAT, the Public Sector, as well as uninsured elderly pensioners of the OGA, who face temporary or permanent health or disability problems and cumulatively meet the following stated selection criteria.

Beneficiary selection criteria:

a) Have a valid Disability Certification of 67% or more.

b) To live alone or with a spouse or other person who meets the other conditions for belonging to the program,

c) The total annual individual or family income should not exceed €7,715

d) Their state of health, due to illness (chronic or temporary), makes it impossible for them to provide for themselves or difficult to meet their daily needs,

e) They do not receive an disability benefit, or extra-institutional benefit or any other support benefit from their insurance provider.

The above criteria for selecting beneficiaries in the program are revised according to the limitations of its budget and with the aim of meeting the needs of retirees more effectively.

Pensioners who meet the selection criteria but live in closed care units of the public, private or voluntary sector or are hospitalized in nursing units of the National Health System or the private sector are NOT included in the programme.

Offered services:

The services provided to the beneficiaries of the program concern social support services (such as information about their rights, accompanying beneficiaries in various cultural and social activities, etc.), nursing care services (e.g. blood pressure, sugar, pulse measurement, medication administration etc.) as well as domestic help services, such as maintaining hygiene and cleanliness of the house, shopping, dressing, etc. In particular, each beneficiary will be provided with services of 10 hours per month, with a frequency of at least two visits per week.

For more information, call 2610222612 (contact person Mr. Magkafas Panagiotis)

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